Art on your table

Most art is made from porcelain. Some with clay. Fired on high temperatures 1250 degrees. My art on your table is dishwasher and microwave proof. All the art objects are handmade and delicate, handwash is recommended. Please note when you bought tableware with gold or platinum, those objects can’t go in the microwave; due to the metals. And when washed in de dishwasher, the gold might disappear after some time due to the salt and chemicals.

Wearable art

 Many of our designs contain gold lustre or platinum. Please note that this is fragile for scratches.
 Most chains are goldplated silver; yellow gold for pieces with gold. Other are made from Sterling silver or black rhodium

 All earpins are made in silver. or gold plated silver.

Brooches are made with powerful magnets; so they not make any holes in your garments.

Why porcelain

Why porcelain? For its lightness, translucency and probably also for its fickle character.

All pieces are 100% unique and most art even in one piece only. Handmade in Ghent – Belgium.


If you want your jewel to stay shiny, make sure you clean it whenever you notice that it’s getting tarnished. This can be done by gently wiping the metal with a jewelry polishing cloth. You could also use a regular soft cloth and carefully wipe onto the metal of the jewel.

In general it’s recommended to keep your jewelry away from (sea)water, sunlight, chemicals (as found in soaps, cleaning products, swimming pools, makeup, hairproducts & perfume), heat & cold.
Therefor it is best to take off your jewelry when bathing, swimming, exercising
If you do keep them on, consider cleaning them properly immediately afterwards.
Concerning perfume, makeup and hair products, it is best to put on your jewelry after you are fully dressed and have finished your hair and makeup.

Additionally we advise you to take off your jewelry when sleeping to avoid scratches or deformations. Do not wipe it with rough materials.


Because silver oxidise naturally with air, light and humidity, it is best to store your jewelry in a closed bag or a box when not worn.

I recommend to store your pieces into different boxes or bags to avoid them from scratching against each other or getting tangled up. Also please do not store your brooch with other magnets. I use very powerfull magnets, so they may stick to eachother.

Keep the box(es) in a dry & dark space, so ideally not near heating, ventilation or in the bathroom.
Before you store them away, make sure your jewelry is clean and dry.


If you have a pacemaker, please wear your brooches on the right. Because they’re made with powerful magnets



If your artobject gets broken (wearable and on your table or sculpture) you can return the pieces. To make the circle a bit rounder and thinking about our impact on the planet, I want to try and make a wearable piece again. Even your gift card. You get a gift card in return to buy a new art object. Or you can choose to buy the reinvented art object against a reduced price.

Restore service

Until a year after sale you can return your wearable object for repair (please read the maintenace instructions). I do use the best materials (read materials)

You pay only for the new parts, if necessary until a year after sale.

Once you placed an order in our website, you should automatically receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order. If you haven’t received anything and can’t find it in your spam-folder either, please contact me. It probably means your transaction didn’t get completed.

Once your order is send out, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Through this number you can follow your delivery on bpost.

The shipping time depends on your destination. All products are handmade in Belgium and are send out from here with bpost.

Are you interested in selling my products at your store? Please contact me

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