Meike Janssens, art and ceramics

Online exhibition

Meike Janssens

Online exhibition

Magic and attention, a tribute to everyday life. 

Take a cup of tea and enjoy my online exhibition. Let’s celebrate those moments.

Unique and exclusive tableware


A tribute to everyday life and moments with extraordinary and unique pieces.

Bold ceramics to give an extra punch to your experience and daily routines like drinking a cup tea.

Ceramics made on very small scale, with authenticity and a touch of magic to your everyday life.

With care, sustainability and a small-scale manufacturing, I’m hoping to encourage people to deal more consciously with consumption.

An ode to everyday moments

Wearable art

Wearable art made with passion. All pieces are unique and handmade

My love for clay and the possibilities are driving my passion for experiment.

Unique sculptures and artobjects are turning into wearables.

Art – Sculpture – Photography – Poetry – Mixed

Clay and porcelain as a fragile yet hard second skin. As my other body.

My scuptures are exploring vulnerabilty, femininity and power. There’s a crack in everything, that’s where healing and power begins.

I challenge myself to give meaning to emotions. and (re)search my own language with art as my medium. 

Understanding myself and life as the bigger picture.
Looking for my own struggles and give meaning to them.
Researching the beauty ideals of women throughout history.

I’m pushing the boundaries of the materials, exploring and adding other materials to expand my own signature.

I’m translating my feelings into art.