Meike Janssens, art and ceramics


Meike Janssens

My passion for clay.

Clay means slowness,
That is slowly building up and feeling the material

The long drying process, sanding the pieces and the baking process.

Clay can’t be rushed

Meike Janssens: art and ceramics
Meike Janssens art and ceramics
Meike Janssens - keramiek Gent
Meike Janssens: klei in kunst

Clay means movement.

Movement through your hands, but also through all the actions during the process.

By squeezing the clay, pushing and rolling it in all directions you move the clay to a point, where it becomes a sculpture. .

The clay still dances back and forth in the kiln, which makes the entire process uncontrollable.

Clay means letting go our control just enough to make the natural and earthy materials, the heat of the kiln and the water work.

As a result, every creation receives the soul of the maker, from my hands.
It also shows the transparency of the creative process, the honesty and the imperfections.

It’s precisely those small imperfections that make the objects so delicate and unique.

My passion for art

My passion for art started very early. I attended art school until I was 18 and became more and more intrigued by art and museums during my adolescence.

So I went to study art history and sciences at the university. Afterwards I followed a master in cultural agogics and a training in art – and museumeducation.

However, it kept itching to become an artist myself. So I re-enrolled in the art academy to learn more about ceramics and porcelain.

The magic of making and adding that to a way of looking at everyday life.

That is my passion, that’s the fire of my creative process.

Meike Janssens - keramiek